Committee Charge and Membership


The Learning Outcomes Committee's (LOC) charge is to guide the implementation of university institutional learning outcome assessment framework and activities; to communicate assessment tools to University committees; and to the Office of Educational Effectiveness for dissemination. The LOC reports to the Educational Effectiveness Committee. In fulfilling this charge, we will:

1. Serve as a forum with support for institutional learning outcome assessment:

  • Work with the Office of Educational Effectiveness (OEE) to maintain the institutional learning outcomes (ILO) rubrics.
  • Work with the Office of Educational Effectiveness (OEE) to ensure ILO rubrics are accessible on the University Assessment website for faculty use.

2. Contribute to University institutional learning outcome assessment framework and activities:

  • Guide the modification of ILO and PILO rubrics for the University.
  • Review and modify rubrics as needed to capture global elements for each ILO, allowing added contextualization by programs and schools.
  • Write committee reports for assessment and accreditation.

3. Collaborate with LLU entities:

  • Invite staff development representatives and others for quarterly meetings.
  • Combine efforts to support the mission and values of One Loma Linda.



  • Paul Gavaza - Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy
  • Nancy Sarpy - Associate Professor, School of Nursing


University Services

  • Educational Effectiveness
    • Ken Nelson, Director
    • Diane Mattheson, Academic Liaison


  • Allied Health Professions
    • Rasha Adrabou
    • Heather Javaherian-Dysinger
  • Behavioral Health
    • Qais Alemi
    • Winetta Oloo
  • Dentistry
    • Eun-Hwi Cho
  • Nursing
    • Judy Peters
    • Nancy Sarpy
  • Pharmacy
    • Paul Gavaza

Medical Center

  • Staff Development - Ghinette Aguilar