Organizational Structure

The Academic Service Learning Committee falls under the Educational Effectiveness Committee (EEC) and the Institute for Community Partnerships (ICP). The Service Learning Committee reports to the EEC and the ICP Administrative Committee. This structure ensures that service-learning (SL) strategic development is closely tied to the academic structures and community engagement efforts of the University.

Committee Purpose, Charge, and Membership


To create a culture of academic service learning at LLU through education and training, building a SL community on campus, and providing SL resources to students, faculty, and community members.


  1. Education - establish a shared definition and understanding of SL.
  2. Community - create a SL community of LLU faculty who collaborate and share best practices and resources between faculty, students, and community members.
  3. Resources - provide resources such as course syllabi, conference and publication opportunities, SL tools, and training that will contribute to faculty development in the area of SL.
  4. Clearinghouse: Provide a central clearinghouse where information about SL at LLU can be found (i.e. SL courses, community SL sites and partners, SL faculty, SL publications, etc.)
    1. SL map of LLU activities
    2. SL web page under ICP
  5. Mission-focused Learning (MFL) - support MFL through SL by ensuring effective community partnerships, reflection, assessment, and the promotion of life-long civic engagement.
  6. Linkages - establish membership/relationships with local, state, national, and global SL entities.



  • J.C. Belliard - Director, LLU Institute for Community Partnerships
  • Jeffrey Gang - Assistant Professor, School of Religion


  • University Services

    • Community-Academic Partners in Service (CAPS) - Vivian Navarro, Director
    • Educational Effectiveness
      • Ken Nelson, Director
      • Diane Mattheson, Academic Liaison
    • Office of the Provost - Janelle Pyke, Special Assistant for Academic Administration
    • Students for International Mission Service (SIMS) - Ed Drachenberg, Director
  • Schools

    • Allied Health Professions -
      • James Rippetoe
      • Liane Hewitt
      • Yolanda Martinez
    • Behavioral Health -
      • Beverly Buckles
      • Viola Lindsey
    • Dentistry -
      • Eun-hwi Cho
      • Mark Estey
      • Gary Kerstetter
    • Medicine -
      • Tamara Shankel
    • Nursing -
      • Kelly McHan
    • Pharmacy -
      • Kathryn Knecht
    • Public Health -
      • Patti Herring
    • Religion -
      • Jeff Gang