Scholarly Journals--Published

  • Gill M, Martens K, Lynch EL, Salih A, Green SM. "Interrater reliability of three simplified neurological scales applied to adults presenting to the emergency department with altered level of consciousness." Annals of Emergency Medicine 49.4 (2007): 403-407. To study the interrater reliabilty of four different neuroligc scales when applied to patients presenting to the emergency department with altered level of consciousness from any cause (04/2007)
  • H. Bryant Nguyen, MD, MS, Elizabeth Lea Lynch, MD, Joshua A. Mou, MD, Kristopher Lyon, MD,. "The Utility of a Quality Improvement Bundle in." ACADEMIC EMERGENCYMEDICINE . (): -. The research in the management of severe sepsis and septic shock has resulted in a number of therapeutic strategies with significant survival benefits. These results also emphasize the primary importance of early hemodynamic resuscitation, or early goal-directed therapy (EGDT), and place the emergency physician in the center of the multidisciplinary team caring for patients with this disease. However, in a busy emergency department, the translation of research into clinical practice is far from ideal. While the benefits are significant, the successful implementation of EGDT is filled with challenges and obstacles. In this article, we will discuss the steps taken at our institution to create, implement, measure, and improve on a six-hour severe sepsis and septic shock treatment bundle incorporating EGDT in the emergency department setting, resulting in significant mortality benefit.
  • Lynch EL. "Medical Management of Vulnerable and Underserved Patients: Principles, Practice, and Populations [Book Review]." Academic Emergency Medicine . (): -. A review of the text.

Books and Chapters

  • Lynch E. Review, Use of the electrocardiogram in acute myocardial infarction; chapter in 2005 Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment Study Guide. Alpharetta, GA: EB Practice, 2005. (01/2005)
  • Martens K, Lynch E. Aortic Injuries; chapter in The 5 Minute Emergency Medicine Consult. Philadelphia, PA: Williams, and Wilkins, .