Church Activities

  • Children Sabbath School Teacher. Loma Linda University Church, CA  (03/2021 - 11/2023)

Journal Reviewer

  • Moghadam, H. S., Li, Q. L., Li, X. H., Chiaradia, M., Karsli, O., Hoernle, K. A., & Griffin, W. L. (2023). Mantle-derived high-K magmatic fluxes in northeast Iran arc: Constraints from zircon U-Pb-O-Hf and bulk rock major-trace elements and Sr-Nd-Pb isotopes. Gondwana Research119, 1-26. (09/2022) (link)
  • Heinonen, J. S., Spera, F. J., & Bohrson, W. A. (2022). Thermodynamic limits for assimilation of silicate crust in primitive magmas. Geology50(1), 81-85. (05/2021) (link)
  • Witt, C., Poujol, M., Chiaradia, M., Villagomez, D., Seyler, M., Averbuch, O., & Bouden, N. (2022). Geodynamic controls in the southernmost Northern Andes magmatic arc: Trace elements and Hf-O isotopic systematics in forearc detrital zircon. Geological Society of America Bulletin. (04/2022) (link)