Scholarly Journals--Published

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Online Publications

  • Joachim-Célestin, M., Montgomery, S.B. March 2021. Full Plate Living Intervention curriculum - English and Spanish. Includes the facilitator guide, participant guide and fiber guide supplement for community health workers leading this culturally-adapted Spanish intervention.  (03/2021) (link)
  • Hopkins, G.L., McBride, D., Bacon, S., & Joachim-Célestin, M. (2011).  Ministerial Spouses Association. General Conference Ministerial Association. Family meals.  (2011) (link)

Non-Scholarly Journals

  • Hopkins, G.L., McBride, D., Bacon, S., & Joachim-Célestin, M. (2011). Health Benefits of Family Meals. The family that eats together:  A gift that can promote your family’s health and keep your children on track.  Ministry Magazine, 83(6), 13-16. (2011). (06/2011) (link)
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